Live Streaming

Live Stream your conference or launch in HD Broadcast Quality.

We use a multi-camera set up to capture your event from different angles. We can customize your online broadcast with your company logo, live captions, and PowerPoint slides.

Streams can also be password protected and/or embedded on your website or Facebook page. Viewers can also watch the event via designated iOS and Android apps.

The entire event can also be uploaded permanently to YouTube or Vimeo. 

Benefits of Live Streaming your event:

Generate a bigger audience - Your event will have no geographical or physical restrictions. Streaming your event live makes it accessible to a worldwide audience and giving it no capacity limitations a physical venue would have.

Increase online interaction - Streaming content live is a great way to engage with prospective clients. 

Stand out from the competition - Streaming live is an impressive way to differentiate your business from the competition. Whether its a webinar, a conference or online tutorials, streaming is a unique marketing tool which is sure to give your business a professional edge! 

New Revenue - Of course a free live stream is a good way to create new business opportunities but it's worth knowing that if your physical event has an admission charge you can charge an online admission too! 


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