GK Media can also produce a Vodcast of your event, which is a more advanced version of podcasting. Vodcasting, also called video podcasting or vlogging, adds video to the recorded sound file (podcast). This can be slides taken from a PowerPoint Presentation or actual photographs. These videos can then be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo and made available to your subscribers. It’s cheaper than recording an event on video, and it compliments and enhances a podcast that is heavily reliant on visuals.

Highlights from Dr. Marie Bourke's Public Seminar at Galway City Museum on West of Ireland Paintings. Dr. Bourke of the National Gallery of Ireland examines paintings by artists who were inspired by the Atlantic seaboard, its landscape, and communities. Recorded Saturday May 02nd 2015 at Galway City Museum.

During the American Civil War (1861-1865) at least 180,000 Irish-born fought for the Union and 20,000 for the Confederacy. In fact, Ireland produced more Civil War Generals than any other foreign country, including Patrick T. Moore from Galway, a slave-owning, confederate general.


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