Professional Filmmaking: Write, Produce and Star in your own Film!

During the workshop the students will brainstorm ideas for a short film,  write the script, storyboard the shots, cast the actors. design the costumes, and then most importantly...shoot the film! The students will familiarise themselves with technical equipment like cameras, tripods, and booms, learn the do's and don't of film sets and let their creative juices flow!

The aims of our workshop are to establish a creative outlet for the participants where they will develop their communication skills, build their confidence, strengthen their means of self-expression, and learn the importance of team work whilst working with deadlines. It is also about having fun and gaining practical knowledge.

At the end of the workshop they will all get to watch their film, receive a certificate of completion, and bring home a DVD of their work. 

We currently hold Transition Year workshops in a number of schools across Galway, Mayo, Sligo, Westmeath and Donegal.  A number of TY Short Films produced by GK Media have won various awards and been screened in both national and international festivals. 


We currently provide our workshop under two formats:

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5-Day Workshop  

This is an in-depth film course where students learn about scriptwriting, storyboarding, acting, team work, film language, audio recording, and editing but most importantly how to produce their own film. 

3-Day Workshop

This shorter film course would be less informative due to time limits but it certainly provides students with a basic understanding of filmmaking where they will still get to make a group short film. 

We know that every school is different and we are happy to tailor a workshop to suit your needs!


3-Day Workshop

Students will get to develop and record their own adverts before producing their own radio show featuring music, competitions, vox-pops, news items, etc. During the workshops the students will learn interview skills, presenting skills, research skills, and audio recording techniques.

All students will receive a CD featuring their radio show with a Certificate of Completion for the Radio Workshop.


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