Annual clients will also be able to access our Online Marketing Tutorials plus avail of 20% Cinema Advertising throughout Ireland and the UK.

Package Element Breakdown

Marketing Consultation

GK Media will come to your place of business for a 1-hour meeting with your team during which we will learn about your business, what services or products you provide, who your target market is, what marketing methods you've used in the past that have or have not worked etc. After gathering all of this information and getting to know the people behind the business we will devise a 12 month strategy tailored especially for you.


Social Media and Digital Marketing Workshop

Depending on your current knowledge and use of social media and digital marketing (which we will learn about during our consultation) we will devise a workshop to train you and your staff up on the inner workings of social media and digital marketing. During these workshops you should expect to hear all the latest statistics and analysis on the various social channels related to your business. You should also expect to pick up a lot of ideas and tips that could work for your business online through various case studies that we will show you. After the initial workshop we will be focusing mainly on your own specific strategies, analysing and making the most out of your campaigns. These workshops are informal and we encourage questions and participation throughout so you get the answers you need


Digital Marketing Handbook

We have designed a detailed handbook which will give you a more in depth understanding of some of the topics covered in our workshops. 

Digital Marketing Handbook GK Media.png

Branded Customer Testimonial

Word of mouth has always been and most likely will always be the best form of marketing there is. By creating a video using customer testimonials you are using word of mouth to promote your business but reaching far more ears. You will need to contact 1-3 of your customers or clients, whom you think would speak highly of your business. Depending on the service or product they are endorsing we will arrange a suitable location to interview them and capture supporting footage. Using your branding we will then edit together a professional video piece for use on your website and social channels.

Professional Promotional Video

Do you have a special offer running? Or an event coming up? Depending on whether it's a product, service or an event you would like to promote, we will create a concept tailored for you and produce a professional video for you to use online to support your promotion. These videos can be used to create brand awareness, drive more sales or traffic, increase customer engagement or simply educate customers and show yourself as knowledge provider and expert in your field.

Evergreen Content should be considered too when deciding on your promotional video providing your customers with relevant content that stays "fresh" and 'lasting'.

12 month Marketing Strategy

After getting to know you, your business and some of your staff a little better we will create a plan of action for you for the following 12 months. Every business is different so no 12 month strategy will be the same but your strategy could include perhaps radio spots on a local radio station, or monthly videos to use online, organising events for your consumers, online blogging or podcasting. There are various different ways of promoting your business both by traditional means and of course digitally. Depending on your business needs we will breakdown a list of actions for you to undertake each month, all focused towards an end goal

Sample of month to month focus overview.

Sample of month to month focus overview.

Weekday Social Media Support

After your first social media workshop you will have a lot of new knowledge to take in and new actions to undertake. We want this process to be easy and stress-free for you. If you do come up against any issues or don't fully understand something, you can contact us anytime during the week either via email or by phone. Our support staff will be there to answer any questions you may have or talk you through something step by step!

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Professional Corporate Video

We specialise in producing professional quality videos for businesses and organisations. We will work closely with you and create a structure for your video and decide what content is essential. We will arrange to film interviews and gather supporting footage. Using your logo and brand colours we will edit the piece together giving you a high quality piece of film for your website and social channels.

Automated  Content Creation

ACC is taking over digital marketing. If your business isn't using it yet then it's time to take action! We can help you set up your own automated email service, and help you with choosing the correct triggers to give your business the best return. We can also help in writing some of that content for you such as monthly blogs, newsletters, etc.


Media Skills Workshop

Do you find yourself having to speak on behalf of the business or company? Perhaps on radio, or interviews for print, maybe even television. With our media skills workshop, you and your team will always be prepared to speak and will know how to answer those tricky questions. Learn tips, on body language, pace and taking control of interviews!


CTA Videos/Radio Spots

We will produce a series of Call to Action videos or radio spots for you to use online or to be broadcast on radio. We will invite you to our studio here in Galway City, where we have green screen and podcasting facilities. These video or radio spots will be short and to the point, and will be designed to provoke an immediate response. 

20% Off Cinema Advertising (Ire & UK)

GK Media have partnered with Wide Eye Media (ROI) and Pearl & Dean (UK) to offer our clients special rates on cinema advertising. We can help you access from one cinema up to 529 screens on 77 sites in the Republic of Ireland and an additional 34 cinema sites in Northern Ireland.

The average cinema stats in Ireland were 16.2 million admissions last year (300,000 weekly admissions) with 45% Male and 55% Female.

  • 15-24 (32%)

  • 24-34 (30%)

  • 35-44 (19%)

  • 45yrs+ (19%)

There are various packages available and you can target specific movies and select cinemas, with guaranteed set number of admissions per package. Some big box office earners to look forward to this year include Toy Story 4 (June), Spider-Man: Far From Home (July), The Lion King (July), Downton Abbey (Sept), Terminator: Dark Fate (Oct), Charlie's Angels (Nov), Frozen 2 (Nov), and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Dec).

Contact us now for a full list of upcoming movies set to be released over the coming months in 2019.

Cinema Advertising GK Media 2018.png
Cinema Advertising GK Media 2019.png



This service is currently only available to registered Irish businesses based in the Republic of Ireland.