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Lisa Treacy is a graduate of Film and TV in GMIT and Huston Film School at NUI Galway. She has been writing film reviews online for many years, loves cinema, pina coladas and getting caught in the rain, actually only one of those is true! She hopes to win an Oscar some day for Best Podcast Contributor and she also writes a regular train blog 'Tales from the Train'.

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CiarĂ¡n Dorrian has worked in the Film and Television industry for 15 years and is currently working as an Editor for Telegael based in Spiddal. He is also studying an MA in film theory and has been known to tread the boards with some of Galway's amateur drama societies.  He likes all types of film but has a soft spot for horrors and B-movies. He comes from Donegal but hopes you won't hold that against him.