4k Aerial Drone Videos

Corporate Videos featuring drone footage has become a very popular marketing tool for companies worldwide and gives you that competitive advantage over similar businesses. Through the integration of personalised 4k footage shot by fully qualified & fully licensed operators with beautiful imagery, music, informative voice-overs, stunning logo/graphics, etc. you can describe your company or product in a powerful & positive manner.

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Smart ways to use drone footage!

Location, Location, Location - show potential clients where your place of business is, or what city/town your business is based in! Aerial shots of your business or area is an impressive way to say "We're here!" It also gives a very nice edge to a corporate video! 

Property Sales - Selling or renting a house, apartment block, a business building or land? Drone footage is an effective way to show potential buyers exactly what you have to offer while telling them that it's what they want!

Set the scene - Are you a hotel or other venue that caters for weddings? Set the scene for the bride and groom and show them that your venue is the place to hole their special day!

Capture the moment - Planning an outdoor event? A concert? A marathon? Whatever it is capture the event with drone footage and let it live on and use it as a way to market similar future events!

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