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A digital marketing audit is an inspection of all the practices, strategies, and outcomes of what your business has been doing to establish and improve its online presence.

We review your website and social media channels, and then provide an 8-10 page report with recommendations and solutions on how you can improve your content, reach and online presence.

Digital Audit Checklist

Website Design

·      Is your company’s website design up-to-date and relevant? Does it represent your company as it is today?

·      Is your company’s website design responsive? Does it work on different screens, including tablets and smartphones, as well as different browsers?

·      Do you know where you want your website visitors to go after they click on your website? Does your website have clear calls-to-action (CTAs)?

·      Is Google Analytics installed on your website? Do you have a process for checking in with your website analytics to see what can be improved?

·      Do you have a back-end content management system that allows you to update your website text and images easily?

·      Is your website optimised for search engines? How highly do you rank for your chosen keywords?

·      Is your website SSL certified?

·      Do you have an active blog on your website? Do you make a point of regularly publishing relevant, high-quality blog posts and sharing them with your audience.

·      Is the contact information on your website up-to-date?

·      Can your website visitors easily find information on your website (via clear navigation and a prominent search bar)?

·      Do you have recent pictures of your physical office space/team members and biographies up on your website?

·      Are there links to your social media pages listed on your website? Are out-of-date links removed e.g. Google+?


Social Media Marketing

·      Does your company have a social media presence? If yes, is the information on your social media channels relevant and up to date?

·      If you have a social media presence, is your activity integrated with your overall marketing strategy?

·      Are the updates you are sharing relevant and consistent with your brand image?

·      Have you customised your Facebook Analytics account?

·      Have you registered ownership of your Facebook page through the Facebook Business account?

·      Are you regularly listing your events?

·      Have you Chatbots installed on your Messenger?

·      Have you created “Pages to Watch”

·      Are you responding to inquiries and otherwise engaging with your social media followers?

·      Are you getting leads from social media?

·      Are you following your followers?

·      Do you use software design tools?

Internet Marketing

·      Are people finding your website on search engines?

·      Are you using Google Ads?

·      Do you use SEO Tools?

·      Have you crawled your website?

·      Is your website generating leads for you?

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To be successful on Social Media you need to firstly have a Weekly Publishing Plan that adheres to your Annual Marketing Plan. Next you must be actively and consistently posting content that adheres to your Branding Guidelines and creates two-way conversation. It is also important that details such as the location of your business and upcoming events taking place are clearly accessible.

Video is the strongest tool you can use to reach your target audience. Creating regular video content, strong visual content and documenting (and archiving) all activities creates more engagement and displays your business culture.

The use of separate strategies for your social media accounts is recommended because of the different demographic audiences of these networks.

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