Marketing Consultations

Avail of a one-hour consultation with our marketing expert, Garry Kelly, to help you create a strategy and campaign that optimises the networks available to you from the unique insights that ‘Consult with GK’ has to offer.

To have the right mentor/consultation specialist is essential for succeeding in the business world. Not only does accessing expert advice help you become more effective, but also gaining professional guidance and support on your marketing journey will save you a great deal of time and money, ensuring you start on the right path from the very beginning.

Garry has over 20 years of marketing and media content experience and will provide you with the secrets, insights and skills to achieve the best possible results from a structured marketing campaign.

Instead of attempting to make your own way without the help of a professional, it might be time to reconsider. Having someone from the outside looking in can have huge benefits for your business, especially if they have the experience and wisdom of working in a number of sectors with a variety of established businesses. A consultation will provide your company with clear goals and a specific audience to target, taking you step-by-step through the marketing strategy that you need, to get you to where you want to be.


Our consultation guides you and your business in a creative manner that will inspire your organisation to think outside the box and go that extra mile to create more engagement and return on investment.


To optimise your marketing potential, you need to tap into the individuals in your business and brand your culture. Ensuring the best and most effective use of your resources helps increase your profits through Knowledge Sharing and Brand Engagement.


The art of networking may be time consuming and demanding, but ‘Consult with GK’ will set your focus on a target audience along with insights to support you on your journey.


A strong marketing strategy with a realistic but flexible structure is one of the most powerful marketing tools a business can have.

Deciding on your key objectives and setting achievable goals on a measured quarterly-basis will be the template of your strategy that you may need to deliver across a multitude of platforms.


Finding your niche clearly sets a direction for your business to target specific clients. Remember you are not the only one in your field trying to promote or sell your product/service. What makes you different needs to be one of the key factors in your selling strategy. ‘Consult with GK’ will give you the guidance needed to establish your unique selling point.


Marketing is never a short-term exercise. Long-term thinking and investment is necessary if you want the business to have longevity and a lifespan. Setting regular goals, measuring them and adjusting where needed over at least a 12-month period is an essential template you need to create to gain clarity of trends within your marketing campaigns and user engagement. Once you’ve developed a defined strategy, it’s about fine-tuning and consumer awareness moving forward.

Take Control

‘Consult with GK’ is about giving you the clarity and confidence to take control of your marketing campaigns knowing that you have sought professional advice from a group successfully working internationally in the creative marketing industry so you can see the results that you deserve.

We also offer a variety of Marketing Packages to help you with your campaigns.