Why Your Video Isn't Working for You

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Videos currently play a powerful role in marketing and advertising. Conveying information over the internet has never been easier. 

The aim of using video in digital marketing is to capture the attention of web users. However, video recording, editing, and uploading on the web does not guarantee the expected exposure and response without a proper strategy.

85% of all internet users in the USA watch videos and its use in advertising is rising day by day. But have you been uploading videos and they’re not working for you? Then, the following are the things you should do to increase your video effectiveness.

Video SEO Optimisation

Video SEO optimisation is ensuring that your video ranks among the top search engines results. It ensures that the search engines index your video, and ranks it higher than your competitors. Here is what you should do to improve your Video SEO optimisation.

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●      Clearly defining metadata

Metadata is the tagging, title, and descriptions of your video.

When you upload a video on a site, it should be tagged, titled, and assigned the most appropriate descriptions. The title of a video contributes to potential viewer decision on what to watch. The chosen title should describe and be relevant to your video to entice people toward it.

 Place keyword on your video title to get more views on platforms like YouTube. You can use the Google keyword planner or Ahrefs.

Keywords use should also extend to the description of your video where you give information about your content and the channel of your videos. An interesting and accurate description is effective in increasing the number of viewers.

●      Thumbnail

Although video software is capable of choosing a thumbnail, it is wise to create your own. The thumbnail should incorporate your logo and corporate colours.

Make your thumbnail like a movie poster with one of the main actors and text that give a hint but generates curiosity.  But be wary of being too clickbait oriented, no one likes to be made a fool of.

●      Subtitles and closed captions

Subtitles are the supported text transcript, a file with “.SRT” extension. Keywords in the subtitles and closed captions need highlighting to enable search optimisation.

It also makes your video applicable to an audience with hearing difficulties!

●      Using Add Cards and end screens

Add Cards are notifications which appear on the screen when the video is playing. You can use them to direct viewers to other videos on your channel and for promotion. The end screen is similar to “Add cards,” but the only difference is that they appear at the end of the video.


Video Placement

So where do you put your video after you make it? Do you include it on your homepage or maybe across social media? Video placement determines the length and size of the video interface. Launching your video in the right place is key for its success.

●      Video player

If you are developing your video player, it is wise to use the basics for controls widely known and accepted in the web. Icons used on your player should match icons that are common and accustomed to internet users.

Position your video at the top of the page so as to ensure that search engines understand its value. Place the metadata at the bottom to enhance search engine optimisation.

Your video should also have a prominent size of around 576x320 for an aspect ratio 16x9. Failure to this may lead to compression, thus lowering the quality of your video during playback.

Directly embed your video on the page for better load time. Limelight Network study reported that viewers leave the site due to buffering and delays.

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●      Video length

Research shows that people want shorter videos. Top 5% best videos retain 77% of viewers to the last second, while the average videos retain 37% of viewer up to the end. Therefore, place the intended information at the start of your video, whilst still telling your story.

The solution is to load value in the front to get information out when there is a greater viewing.

●      Promotion

A good and great video cannot go viral without promotion. Promote the video by sharing on your own social media network like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Social media accounts may fail to achieve a higher number of viewers since you may not have very many influential friends.

You can contact influential bloggers who can help in putting your video out there as well as posting it on your company website or blog. You can also ask the people you know to share with their friends the video link.

If you have the budget, you should engage an expert to promote the video through a market campaign.

Use Several Different Video Hosting Sites

When launching your video, it is wise not to rely on only one video hosting site. The sites help to solve the problems associated with server bandwidth and compatibility.

Video hosting sites are dedicated for multimedia and will ensure high performance and speed rates for your video.

Some sites are free, while others do charge according to the size of the video. Some drawbacks from free sites are advertisements placed when the video is running or limitation of space for hosting.

Example of the sites includes:

●      YouTube

●      Vimeo

●      Dailymotion

●      Wistia

●      Brightcove

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Creating a Great Video

Human beings attraction to captivating images and visual contents is high. With a great video, viewers are likely to share with friends across social media and even recommend it verbally. Greatness depends on content and delivery.

●      Content relevance

An online video should be captivating to the extent that viewers will be inclined to share the video. To achieve this, engage professionally established producers to ensure superbly developed commercial videos.

Videos shared on social media are usually surprising, funny, or shocking.  When using video for marketing, you should come up with a funny, original creative video that does not spell out that it’s a commercial advertisement. Such a video will inspire curiosity on the viewer and the willingness to share.

●      Channel development

A visually appealing channel increases views of a video online. An appealing design visually which holds the attention of your audience ensures a good channel. A channel will also encourage people to subscribe and increase viewers. The art used should be unique and fresh, aimed at telling your story.


A video that is created well with fully optimised SEO and placed well within a website or a blog can attract more viewers.

Promote your video to increase views and also use available technology like Add cards and end screens. You can also engage digital marketing companies that will ensure your video will work for you.

Author Bio;  Currently working as a Marketing Executive at  Design Wizard , Claire is passionate about creating amazing content and bringing people together. Having recently graduated with her masters degree in Marketing she is keen to impact the digital world. Outside of work you can catch Claire taking photos of her rescue dog Storm and checking out social media.

Author Bio; Currently working as a Marketing Executive at Design Wizard, Claire is passionate about creating amazing content and bringing people together. Having recently graduated with her masters degree in Marketing she is keen to impact the digital world. Outside of work you can catch Claire taking photos of her rescue dog Storm and checking out social media.