4 Key Tips to Saving Time Online

Do you manage your time wisely? Let’s be honest, it’s not easy when you’re trying to keep so many plates spinning.

Focus on the most important areas of your business and then demarcate the least important elements of your business to allow others to manage some of that workload for you.

Certainly one of the most time-consuming efforts for any small business, is trying to effectively and actively run their Social Media Channels.  By outsourcing a professional Social Media Management team will allow you to save time to carry out more important areas of your business while they keep you actively growing online by creating daily social postings.

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 Here are 4 key tips to save you time online….

 (1)  Social Media Platforms

You may be asking yourself, “which social media platforms best suit my business?”

To answer your question truthfully, this entirely depends on what your business strategic goals, aims and aspirations are. Who is interested in buying your product or service? Who do you want to target? Where do you want your business to be in the future?

Social media platforms are all tailored for different audiences. LinkedIn is a network aimed at business-to-business (b2b) professionals, Facebook has a universal appeal and is the most popular amongst middle-aged users, but also great for branding. Twitter is a network primarily used as a news source. Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social network, which mostly targets those under 25 and is heavily populated by influencers. Choosing the correct social media platforms to target your audience will allow you to gather much more engagement in a lot less time.

 (2)  Scheduling

Social Media Management schedules your posts in advance for you so that everything is planned, making it easy to track and control the content that your business is putting out there. Are you limited with the time you have to post on your social media accounts each day and need to make the most out of that time? Scheduling your posts on sites such as Hootsuite is an easy way out, yet, often times when posting from third-party scheduling sites your posts do not get as much traction as those that you have posted manually.

(3)   Planning

Create a weekly or monthly topic that you want to market on your social media channels. By investing this time into a specific topic you will be focused on meeting your strategic goals. For example, this month your business should focus on getting started with a social media management campaign, this will result in your business not having to dedicate time everyday towards coming up with what to post on the different platforms because it has been planned in advance. Using this strategic approach will ultimately save you time.

(4)  Analysing

Find out about your audience! Get to know what they are interested in and this will result in increased engagement with that audience and therefore should lead to higher returns on investment.

Social media analytics are important so that you can track who is engaging with your content which will help you make decisions for future posts. It’s important to constantly be measuring your data, so you can make amendments where needed quickly and effectively. By utilising social media analytics you will save time by only posting content that will bring the highest return on investment for your business.


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