The Power of Social Media

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Do you know your audience? Are you actively on at least 3 social media channels? To get the best results from this #TeamGK recommend that you put 80% of your time into the one social media channel that engages with your core mass audience.

Nowadays people watch more videos on Facebook than on YouTube, knowing that the traffic of possible clients is on a social media channel gives you the perfect opportunity to influence them and for them to trust in your product or service.

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However depending on your audience the length of your video advertisement will vary. For example, on Facebook the maximum video length is 45 minutes, Twitter is 2 minutes 20 seconds and Instagram is 60 seconds.

Social media can be used to widen your horizons and open up a worldwide marketplace for your products or services. With more distractions than ever before online, having social media channels allows your business to impress possible clients too. These channels can then be used to direct clients to your website, where they will then go on to browse and purchase from.

Using your social media channels effectively and with a spark of creativity, gives you the opportunity to be memorable, but you need to be consistent in constantly showing your audience how valuable your product or service is to them!